This week’s practices

Updates to weekly schedule:

There are special events being held at the Oval this week. Consequently, we need to cancel or move several of our practices. The All Ages practices on Thursday September 29th and Saturday October 1st are cancelled. The Saturday practice for both Ages 10+ Training Groups is moved to Sunday, 5-7pm. The Sunday practice for the Ages 10+/Nationals Training Group is moved to Friday, 10-11:30am.  

Registration is still open for Fall Inline: go here for a description of the available programs, and go here to register. 

Thank you everyone who helped out with the Canadian Roller Speed Championships. Our visitors let us know how much they enjoyed the competition! Congratulations to all of our speedy kids for their outstanding effort and excellent racing! You can find out more about the championships here. 

All Ages Groups — classes begin on Tuesday September 6th …


5-6pm (Laura): Rio, Ellie

6-7pm (Laura): Madison, Hannah, Remy


4-5pm (Xingyan, Dante): Jenny, Charlie, Mika, Margaret, Rosemary, Anna, Sarah

7-8pm (Aoife, Luke, Genevieve, Charlotte, Lucia, Matteo): Agnes, Taylor, Peng, Danny, Emily J, Meida, Roaa, Salma


5-6pm (Laura): Harris, Daniel, Junyang

6-7pm (Laura): Ruqaya, Emy, Sharanya, Abhinav


12:15-1:15pm (Aoife, Luke, Alex, Xingyan, Eliza, Adam, Celina, Lyle, Cesar): Emmanuel, Victor, Joshua, Faith, Paakhi, Prashiv, Kevit, Madhura, Emily C, Miranda, Andrei, Tsion, Ayaan, Areeb, Auyona, Shajpreet, Zunair, Murray, Ray, Zein, Joy, Esther, Ethan

Ages 10+ Groups — practices begin on Wednesday September 7th …

Ages 10+ and Ages 10+/Nationals Groups (at the Oval): Wednesday, 5-7pm; Saturdays, 10am-12noon

Ages 10+/Nationals Group only: Tuesdays, 5-7pm (Sep 13th, 20th) at the Dartmouth Commons/Sportsplex; Sundays, 9:30-11am at the Oval

Crazy about Corners (at the Sportsplex): Tuesdays, 4-5:20pm (12 weeks, beginning Sep 27th)

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Check out the Sport Quarterly article about Speedy Kids!

Congratulations to Speedy Kids for being recognized by Sport Nova Scotia for making a difference through sport during 2020-2021! Huge thanks to our volunteers for making it possible to have such a successful year at the Oval despite all the challenges thrown at us by COVID-19.