This week’s practices

Spring/summer programs are open for registration!  

All Age classes begin on Monday June 5th! Helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are required. Equipment can be borrowed from the City: bring government-issued photo ID. Classes are cancelled if the Oval is closed -- if the weather is iffy, be sure to check the Oval website to make sure the Oval is open before you leave home.

Ages 10+ practices are rain or shine: on days we cannot skate, practice will be shortened to 90min

Tuesday June 6th: The Oval is open today, but for the All Ages class, be sure to check the Oval website before you leave home in case conditions change.  

All Ages program (begins June 5th):


5-6pm (Laura, Jason, & Evan): Sirada, Rinrada, Poom, Pon

6-7pm (Laura, Jason, & Evan): Hazel, Riellyn, Henry


5-6pm (Lance, Charlotte, Xingyan, Dante, Fei, Adam G, Mateo, Lucia): Yulai, Yuxue, Max X, YuanYuan, Lyla, Lucas, Xiaoxuan, Charlie, Mika, Agnes, Joshua, Daniel, Valentina, Essie


5-6pm (Laura & Eliza/Celina): Miranda, Rosemary, Margaret, Ellie

6-7pm (Laura & Eliza/Celina): Ryan, Malika, Russell, Lufei, Leo, Harris


12:15-1:15pm (Robin, Xingyan, Meida, Melissa, Lyle, Cesar, Adam F): Max Y, Drummond, Rio, Dishitha, Tsion, Sarah, Travelle, Prem, Piya, Eleanor, Michael, Lincoln, Remy, Giana