This week’s practices

The City offers equipment “rental” at the Oval at 11am-9pm on weekdays and 12noon-9pm on weekends. Be sure to bring government-issued photo ID with you, if you need to borrow equipment.

For ages 15 & under, helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are required; for ages 16 & older, helmets and wrist guards are required. For the Ages 10+ and Ages 10+/Nationals groups, mouth guards are also required.

Changes to the schedule will be posted below. All Ages practices are cancelled if it is raining or the Oval surface is too wet to skate. Ages 10+ practices are rain or shine, but will be shortened if we cannot do the on-wheels part of the training. You can check the Oval webcam to get a better sense of weather conditions.

Don’t forget our social skate on Fridays, 5-6pm!!!

Ages 10+ & Ages 10+/Nationals Training Groups

Week beginning July 26th…

  • Monday July 26th, 5:45-7:15pm, at the Oval: Nationals group — CANCELLED — WET SURFACE
  • Tuesday July 27th, 4-6pm, at the Oval: Ages 10+ groups
  • Friday July 30th, 5-6pm, at the Oval: social skate (coaches: Laura C & Young)
  • Saturday July 31st, 10am-12noon, at the Oval: Ages 10+ groups (coaches: Bethany, Haipeng/Jason, Anneka, & Young)

Week beginning August 2nd…

  • Monday August 2nd: Nationals group CANCELLED for holiday (do AnT skate or run independently)

All Ages Program

Monday July 26th

  • Lisa & Eric, 4-5pm: Lois, Max Z, Zhiwen, Jenny, Yoyo, Lucas, Jingpeng, Cindy, Ellena — CANCELLED — OVAL CLOSED
  • Lisa & Eric, 5-6pm: Victor, Remy, Dongjoon, Cody, Daniel, Valentina, Arya, Nisha — CANCELLED — OVAL CLOSED

Tuesday July 27th

  • Shawn & Lynette, 4-5pm: Henry, Hongxia, Luke, Josh
  • Shawn & Lynette, 5-6pm: Sulri, Ewan, Yoon, Elsa, Elsie
  • Genevieve, 6-7pm: Shajpreet, Risha, Ada, Ege, Ain
  • Aoife, 6-7pm: Andrew, Ananyaa, Daniel J, Emily J, Reeva, Yaluo, Dante, Anna, Juwon, Celina
  • Lisa, 6-7pm: Kiara, Lavinia

Wednesday July 28th

  • Laura C, Tegshee, & Eva, 5:30-6:30pm: Olivia G, Claire, Lexi, Nora, Ryan, Eva, Jiaxi, Faith
  • Laura C, 6:30-7:30pm: Connor, Emily C, Lufei

Thursday July 29th

  • Laura C & Anneka, 5:30-6:30pm: Nelson, Airita, Murari, Soyun, Hannah, Madison
  • Laura C & Anneka, 6:30-7:30pm: Sivanya, Prem, Skylar, Mahatmyo, Harika, Sanjeev

Friday July 30th

  • SOCIAL SKATE, 5-6pm — everyone welcome!! (coaches: Laura C & Young)

Saturday July 31st

  • Anneka & Evan, 12:05-1:05pm: Mackenzie, Felix, Max Y, Adam, Paakhi, Saebom, Eliana, Hara, Mari, Eunice
  • Luke & Alex, 12:05-1:05pm: Muhammadin, Zunair, Ayaan, Auyona
  • Jason, 12:05-1:05pm: Prashiv, Bijal, Kevit
  • Joanna, 12:05-1:05pm: Nathan, Daniella
  • Shawn & Jack, 12:05-1:05pm: Areeb, Amy, Kevin S

Monday August 2nd

  • Eric, Young, and Shawn, 4-5pm: Lois, Max Z, Zhiwen, Jenny, Yoyo, Lucas, Jingpeng, Cindy, Ellena
  • Eric, Young, and Shawn, 5-6pm: Victor, Remy, Dongjoon, Cody, Daniel, Valentina, Arya, Nisha


Spring, summer, & fall programs are open for registrationOnline registration must be completed (and payment made) before attending your first practice.  


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