Ice Safety

  • Getting on and off ice: Coaches will assist younger skaters on and off the ice. Skaters are not to leave their group or the ice surface without permission from the coach: parents need to communicate with the coach rather than sending children across the ice or calling them over. No one besides skaters and coaches is permitted inside the fencing around the ice surface: this is a required 3-metre crash protection safety zone. If skaters need help taking off and putting on guards, do this alongside the fence. The zamboni cannot go on the ice until the gates are closed and secured, so leave this area quickly at the end of practice.
  • Track safety: There are three lanes: the “warmup” lane (innermost), the “inner” lane (middle), and the “outer” lane (outermost). “Inner” and “outer” lanes refer to Olympic Style racing. Skaters need to remain with their groups and coaches throughout the practice. Coaches will direct skaters which lane/which part of the lane to skate in. The fastest skaters use the “inner” (middle) lane, which is why it is so important to take care crossing the track. During the 4-5pm practice times, the after-school groups will use the “outer” lane and the club groups will use the “warmup” lane, leaving the “inner” (middle) lane for other skaters. At other times, younger/slower skaters will use the warmup lane and older/faster skaters will use the “inner” (middle) and “outer” lanes.
  • Equipment: review Speedy Kids equipment information and the Speed Skating Canada regulations for long track mass start racing and competition: