The safest place to be these days is in the great outdoors! That said, we need to take precautions and follow public health restrictions in order to do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy. The current public health restrictions are in effect until at least January 31st.


For access to the Oval (both on-ice and off-ice areas), the City requires that masks be worn. Be sure that masks are worn properly. Neck warmers, balaclavas, etc. are not sufficient. The City also requires proof of vaccination for everyone ages 12 and older. Speedy Kids is responsible for checking POV: your patience as we try to do this based on preferences made at the time of registration is appreciated. Only volunteers helping with equipment can enter the Oval building, except for use of the washroom. 


Participants and officials in organized sports are permitted to practice and train with up to 25 people outdoors without physical distancing. Our groups are significantly smaller than this and from week to week will remain as consistent as possible. Competitions are not permitted. Fingers crossed that the situation will improve enough that we will be able to go ahead with the Oval Meltdown on February 26-27.


Spectators are not permitted at practices and training sessions for organized sports. Young children who need help getting equipment on, going to the washroom, etc. can be accompanied to practice by one parent. The only others who should be within the fenced area of the Oval at practices are those who are helping out as volunteers — with equipment, coaching, etc. Parents of older children are welcome to watch from outside the fenced area.


Speedy Kids lends out all necessary equipment at each practice to keep speed skating affordable for all families. COVID-19 has certainly been challenging for our lending practices! We are sanitizing or quarantining equipment after use. And we are fundraising to purchase additional equipment. At each practice, we will lay out equipment in the seating area close to the building. Be sure to maintain physical distancing from our volunteers. Once you have equipment, you can spread out on surrounding benches to put it on. At the end of practice, drop off equipment to the proper place, so that we keep “clean” and used equipment separate. More information on equipment is here.


Speedy Kids will use the gate close to the building to go on and off the ice, so that when other clubs are at the Oval, there is more space for physical distancing. To prevent congestion, parents should not stand in this area. It is dangerous for skaters to cross the ice at this gate so close to the corner, so coaches will be encouraging everyone to skate at the very outside of the track further along the straightaway before crossing. All skaters must check with the coach before getting off the ice during practice. Younger skaters will require the coach’s assistance to get on and off the ice.


Symptoms of infection with the Omicron variant of COVID-19 are often indistinguishable from the common cold. For any symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19, complete the online self-assessment and arrange for testing (PCR or at-home antigen) as required. Self-isolation is required until test results are received. Skaters can return to practice IF they test negative AND are symptom-free.

Cases and contacts

Be sure to contact the club if skaters or family members who test positive for COVID-19 were at the Oval at any time within 48 hours prior to developing symptoms or if no symptoms prior to when the positive test was taken. Public Health is no longer doing contact tracing, so we will reach out to close contacts. There is nothing to be embarrassed about: viruses are opportunistic, replicating whenever and wherever they can, and the Omicron variant is especially contagious.