RSC Speed Championship

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August 8 and 9, 2020, at the Emera Oval, the Canadian Roller Speed Championship is brought to you by Roller Sports Canada Speed/Vitesse and The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society.


Deadline: July 31, 2020 at 23:59 (Atlantic Time)


Emera Oval, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

5775 Cogswell Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 4B2, Canada


The rules governing the Canadian Roller Speed Championship can be found on the Roller Sports Canada website

Age Category events are held on Day 1 of the Championship, and Open Category events are held on Day 2 of the Championship.

Age category is determined by the age of the participant on December 31, 2020. An “Introduction” category is available for less experienced skaters in Freshman and older age categories.

Non-Canadian citizens can compete in all events on both days of the Championship but can receive final ranking points and medals only in the Open Category events on Day 2.

The Emera Oval is a 400m track. Day 1’s time trial for all age categories is 300m.

Maximum wheel size is 110mm.

Categories and Events

Day 1: Age CategoryDay 2: Open Category
Mini (8-) F/M 300mTT, 500m, 200mYouth (14-) 2km pts, 1km
Primary (9-10) F/M 300mTT, 500m, 200m
Juvenile (11-12) F/M 300mTT, 5km pts, 500m
Freshman (13-14) F/M 300mTT, 5km pts, 500m
Intro F/M 300mTT, 5km, 500mIntro 2km, 1km
Master (36+) F/M 300mTT, 5km, 500mAdult (15+) 10km pts, 1km
Grand Master (46+) F/M 300mTT, 5km, 500m
Veteran (56+) F/M 300mTT, 5km, 500m
Junior (15-19) F/M 300mTT, 20km elim, 500m
Senior (15+) F/M 300mTT, 20km elim, 500m
Categories and events may be combined depending on the number of entries


Helmet (required)
Gloves / Wrist guards (highly recommended)
Glasses (recommended)
Elbow pads (recommended)
Knee pads (recommended)


Friday August 7, 2020 — training 6-9pm
Saturday August 8, 2020 — warmup 8-8:45am, Age Category races 9:15am, dinner 6pm
Sunday August 9, 2020 — warmup 8-8:45am, Open Category races 9:15am

Complete schedule will be available after registration closes.

Questions? Volunteers? Please contact us: