The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society is committed to ensuring that speed skating is affordable and accessible for all HRM families.

We offer low-cost programs and promote access to all necessary equipment (skates, helmets, and protective gear). Additional support is available from…

  • KidSport (up to $500 per year for registration and/or equipment)
  • Jumpstart (up to $300 per year for registration, equipment, and/or transportation)

If your family circumstances allow, please consider making a donation in support of The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society! Your donations support our free after-school program and help us buy equipment for all programs.

Registration for the winter ice program at the Oval is now open. When you register, be sure to indicate ALL days/times that you are available for a practice. If you are applying for KidSport or Jumpstart, contact us before you register.