Oval Meltdown 2023

Hosted by The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society

Date/Time: Saturday March 4th (8-11:30am) & Sunday March 5th (7am-1pm) 

Location: The Oval, 5775 Cogswell St, Halifax, NS

Meet Coordinators: Lisa Gannett and Lance Robinson — speedykidsovalprogram@gmail.com

Sanction: Speed Skate Nova Scotia – Regional Sanction

Eligibility: Open to anyone registered as a Skater with a Club that is a member of a Branch of Speed Skating Canada. Age class is determined by the skater’s age on June 30th, 2022. 

Safety: The Oval Meltdown is a developmental competition. A minimum of Level 2 crash protection will be provided. Any additional crash protection will depend on the weather cooperating to furnish snowbanks on the corners. It will be at the Chief Referee’s discretion whether skaters with KEF values of 0.55 and over are permitted to participate in the sprint races.

Mandatory equipment: Equipment shall conform to D3-200 for Olympic Style racing. Equipment shall conform to D3-300 and D3-301 for Mass Start racing. These rules are found on pp. 48-51 in the SSC Red Book.


One-Hour Skate: skaters of all ages will have the opportunity to skate for one hour and have their number of laps, lap times, and distances recorded with the use of chip timing. This event will serve as the annual skate-a-thon for Speedy Kids. Faster skaters will complete the one-hour skate in the warmup lane, slower skaters in the OS outer lane, and in-between skaters in the OS inner lane. 

Sprint Extravaganza and Games: skaters of all ages will have fun together by doing repeated 100m races in ladder formation followed by games. 

Icy Slice Pizza Party: we will celebrate this year’s season with pizza!


Olympic Style Sprint Racing and ISU Mass Start Racing (races start 7:35am):

  • Open, ages 13 & older: 500m, 500m, & 1000m
  • Open, ages 13 & older: 10 laps

All Ages Mass Start All Points Racing (races start 10am:

  • For skaters of all ages (4 & older) and abilities who are not racing in the Open category
  • Skaters of similar age and speed will be grouped together; all groups will race 4 distances as finals


  • Go to IceReg to register; registration deadline is Saturday February 25th at 18:00 AST
  • Entry fees: by donation on Saturday; $15 for “All Ages” and $25 for Open on Sunday — There are no refunds guaranteed in case of cancellation of events due to weather. There are no refunds for withdrawals after the registration deadline.
  • Seed times: In order to have enough time to run all events on Sunday, the recommended minimum time standard for skaters ages 13 & older to register in the Open category is 49.00 (400m ST) or 1:02.00 (500m LT, ST, or IN). Be sure to provide accurate seed times (LT, ST, or IN) for as many distances as possible when registering for All Ages Mass Start All Points Racing, so we can have evenly matched groups and exciting races!