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Interesting articles in the news…

CBC: “I’m an athlete, and I happen to wear a hijab. Get over it,” Fairouz Gaballa, 13 November 2021

Ecological dynamics: An approach that places kids at the centre of their sporting activities, November 2021  

The Atlantic: “American Meritocracy Is Killing Youth Sports,” 6 November 2018

The Atlantic: “What’s Lost When Only Rich Kids Play Sports,” 28 September 2017

Yahoo Sports: “How a Florida town with no ice rink produced three Olympic speedskaters,” January 18, 2018

CBC: “No more joiners: Why kids are dropping out of sports,” May 10, 2016

Speedy Kids in the news…

Canada’s Fastest on Eight (In-Line) Wheels Competing in Halifax, Chronicle Herald, 4 August 2022, by Jen Taplin

Inclusion on Ice: Speed Skating Is for Everybody at Speedy Kids, Sport Quarterly, December 2020, by Jennifer Henderson

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Nova Scotia sending team, The Signal, January 29, 2020, by Kate Woods

In Orbit at the Oval, by Joanne Light, February 15, 2016, Halifax Media Co-op

Speed Skating, Summer Style, Halifax Citizen, July 20, 2015, by Charmaine Dymond

District 7 Participatory Budgeting, May 2015: Announcement by Councillor Waye Mason; CBC; Metro

Speedy Kids Take to the Ice, Sport Quarterly, December 2013, p. 5, by Emily Rendell-Watson

Lessons Learned from Speed Skating, by Emily Rendell-Watson, May 7, 2013

Stepping Up Halifax, Mar 21, 2013

CTV News, Feb 6, 2013

CBC Information Morning, by Lisa Roberts, Jan 2, 2013

Chronicle Herald, by Heather Laura Clarke, Dec 20, 2012: thrive_the_chronicleheraldmetro_ch_pe_12-20-2012_b09

Cambridge Times, May 2, 2012