Oval Meltdown


Hosted by The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society

Date: Saturday February 16th – Sunday February 17th, 2019

Time: 7am–1pm, both days

Location: The Oval, 5775 Cogswell St, Halifax, NS

Meet Coordinator: Lisa Gannett — speedykidsovalprogram@gmail.com

Sanction: Speed Skate Nova Scotia – Regional Sanction

Eligibility: Open to anyone registered as a Skater with a Club that is a member of a Branch of Speed Skating Canada. Also open to new skaters: simply register as a “Special Event – Competition” member of Speed Skate Nova Scotia. Age class is determined by the skater’s age ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT.

Safety: The Oval Meltdown is a developmental competition. A minimum of Level 2 crash protection will be provided. Any additional crash protection will depend on the weather cooperating to furnish snowbanks on the corners. It will be at the Chief Referee’s discretion whether skaters with KEF values of 0.55 and over are permitted to participate in the sprint races.

Mandatory equipment: For skaters 15 years of age and over, equipment shall conform to D3-200 for Olympic Style racing and to D3-300 for Mass Start racing. For skaters under 15 years of age, equipment shall conform to D3-300 and D3-301 for both Olympic Style and Mass Start racing.


Mass Start Racing ($10): skaters of all ages will be placed in racing groups and assigned distances based on age, speed, and experience

dsc_2660.jpgPursuit and Relay Racing ($5): skaters of all ages will be seeded onto pursuit or relay teams: instruction and practice will be provided

dsc_3289-e1546349352575.jpgdsc_3537.jpgSUNDAY’S EVENTS

Olympic Style Sprint Racing ($10):

  • Ages 4-7: 100m & 100m
  • Ages 7-10: 100m & 200m
  • Ages 10-13: 100m & 500m
  • Ages 13 & older: 500m & 1000m

dsc_3899.jpgLong Distance Racing ($5): skaters will be placed in racing divisions and assigned an appropriate long distance based on age, speed, and experience


Photo credits: Patricia Lee

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Information package is here.

Registration is online by individual skater. A parent or guardian ages 19 & older must complete the waiver for skaters under the age of 19. Payment must be made at the time of registration. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, or PayPal account using the PayPal buttons below. Alternatively, payment can be made by electronic transfer to speedykidsovalprogram@gmail.com: provide the password by using the contact form below. Families should register each skater individually and then proceed to pay for the whole family. No entries will be accepted after Friday February 8, 2019 at 6pm. Be sure to provide accurate seed times at the time of registration.

Individual Skater Registration:

Payment (for participants who are NOT members of Speed Skating Canada):  

SSNS Special Event – Competition membership — $5 per participant

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Payment (for participants who are NOT registered in the Speedy Kids after-school or club programs during Winter 2018-19):

All Oval Meltdown events — $25 per participant (discount of $5)

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Choice of Saturday events

Mass Start Racing — $10 per participant

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Pursuit and Relay Racing — $5 per participant

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Olympic Style Sprint Racing — $10 per participant

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Distance Racing — $5 per participant

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Complete contact form if you prefer to pay by email transfer to speedykidsovalprogram@gmail.com: