The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society is committed to ensuring that speed skating is affordable and accessible for all HRM families.

We offer low-cost programs and provide all necessary equipment (skates, helmets, and protective gear). Additional support is available from …

  • KidsSport (up to $500 per year for registration and/or equipment)
  • Jumpstart (up to $300 per year for registration, equipment, and/or transportation)

If your family circumstances allow, please consider making a donation in support of The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society!

Registration is open for fall inline programs. Choose one of the following two options (see a description of these options here):

  1. All Ages Oval Inline Program ONLY, Sep 6th-Oct 22nd ($20 individual, $50 family)
  2. All Ages Oval Inline Program AND George Dixon Centre Inline Program, Sep 6th-Oct 22nd at the Oval and Fridays, 6:50-7:50pm, Oct 29th-Dec 2nd at the George Dixon Centre ($50)

Registration is a 2-part process. You must (1) complete the Google Docs form to begin your registration, and (2) pay by e-transfer or PayPal to complete your registration.

(1) Registration

Complete the online registration form for each participant individually. Payment can be made individually or as a family.

(2) Payment

Choose a method of payment: You can send an email transfer to, or you can use the PayPal buttons below to pay online by credit card, debit card, or PayPal account. Payment can be made as a family or individually. Please put the participant’s name in the memo line.

George Dixon program (add-on) – $30

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All Ages Oval program ONLY individual – $20

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All Ages Oval program ONLY family / All Ages Oval AND George Dixon programs – $50

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