Canadian Roller Speed Championships

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The Canadian Roller Speed Championships will take place on August 6 and 7, 2022, at the Emera Oval in Halifax, organized by Roller Sports Canada Speed/Vitesse and The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society, with support from Speed Skate Nova Scotia.


Emera Oval, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


The rules governing the Canadian Roller Speed Championships can be found on the Roller Sports Canada website

Age Category events are held on Day 1 of the Championships, and Open Category events are held on Day 2 of the Championships.

Age category is determined by the age of the participant on December 31, 2022. An “Introduction” category is available for less experienced skaters in Freshman and older age categories.

The Emera Oval is a 400m track. Day 1’s time trial for all age categories is 300m.

Maximum wheel size is 110mm.

Categories and Events

Day 1: Age CategoryDay 2: Open Category
Mini (8-) F/M 300mTT, 500m, 200mYouth (14-) 2km pts, 1km
Primary (9-10) F/M 300mTT, 500m, 200m
Juvenile (11-12) F/M 300mTT, 5km pts, 500m
Freshman (13-14) F/M 300mTT, 5km pts, 500m
Intro F/M 300mTT, 5km, 500mIntro 2km, 1km
Master (36+) F/M 300mTT, 5km, 500mAdult (15+) 10km pts, 1km
Grand Master (46+) F/M 300mTT, 5km, 500m
Veteran (56+) F/M 300mTT, 5km, 500m
Junior (15-19) F/M 300mTT, 15km elim, 500m
Senior (15+) F/M 300mTT, 15km elim, 500m
Categories and events may be combined depending on the number of entries


Helmet (required)
Gloves / Wrist guards (highly recommended)
Glasses (recommended)
Elbow pads (recommended)
Knee pads (recommended)


Friday August 5, 2022 — training 6-9pm
Saturday August 6, 2022 — warmup 8-8:45am, Age Category races 9:15am, dinner 6pm
Sunday August 7, 2022 — warmup 8-8:45am, Open Category races 9:15am

Complete schedule will be available after registration closes.


Register at

Deadline for registration is July 29, 2022 at 23:59 (Atlantic Time).

Participants can register for Day 1 only, Day 2 only, or both Day 1 & Day 2. A discount of $10 is applied to registrations for both days.

In addition to the registration fee for the competition, participants are required to purchase a membership in Roller Sports Canada for $10.

Roller Sports Canada is unable to provide insurance for its members at this time. Insurance for the Canadian Roller Speed Championships is through the Speed Skating Canada liability insurance program to which Speed Skate Nova Scotia and the Fédération de Patinage de Vitesse du Québec belong. All participants who are NOT already members of SSC/SSNS or SSC/FPVQ for the 2021-22 or 2022-23 season are required to purchase a SSC/SSNS membership for $13 by registering at this link.


Event t-shirts are available for purchase. Order your t-shirt when you register. The deadline for t-shirt orders is July 13th. A limited number of additional t-shirts will be available for purchase at the event.

Available in Youth and Adult sizes. Order by July 13th!

Dinner – Evan’s Fresh Seafoods, on Saturday at 6pm

Take the ferry across the harbour to Alderney Landing in Dartmouth for a scrumptious fresh fish fry meal at Evan’s. There are gluten-free items on the menu. Let us know if you plan to come at time of registration.

Evan’s menu for the Canadian Roller Speed Championships

For locals…

Roller Speed Team ($65 for non-Speedy Kids participants)

  • 6-week program at Halifax Oval open to anyone registered for Canadian Roller Speed Championships
  • Practices on Sundays, 8:30-10am, beginning June 19th
  • Focus on inline speed skating technique, racing strategy, and competition rules
  • Participants responsible for providing own equipment: helmets & wrist guards mandatory for everyone, mouth guards mandatory for skaters 18 & under, knee & elbow pads mandatory for skaters 15 & under

For visitors…


There is a variety of types of accommodation to choose from. Be sure to book early, as Halifax is a popular tourist destination in the summer.

  • Requests can be made to billet with a local family at the time of registration: while we cannot make any guarantees, we will do our best to accommodate such requests.
  • Halifax Backpackers, a short walk from the Oval, offers dormitory accommodation.
  • Dalhousie University offers residence accommodation for summer visitors: you can book online.
  • Atlantica Hotel Halifax is a 3-star hotel just a stone’s throw from the Oval. More information soon.
  • Dartmouth’s Shubie Campground has camping sites for tents and trailers.

Tourist Information

Questions? Volunteers? Please contact us: