The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society incorporated as a nonprofit society in January 2012.

The Society seeks to ensure that the sport of speed skating is sufficiently accessible and affordable that it can be pursued by any interested child or youth residing in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The Society aims especially to support speed skating opportunities for children, youth, and families from underserved groups.

The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society is a member organization of Speed Skate Nova Scotia and Speed Skating Canada. Our board members, coaches, and officials are dedicated volunteers.


Board of Directors, 2018-19

President                              Lisa Gannett

Vice-President                     Una Goggin

Secretary-Treasurer           Christine Buckley

Member-at-Large               Laura Channon

Member-at-Large               David Magloir

Member-at-Large               Munkhdul Norovsambuu

Member-at-Large               Olga Lucia Torres

Member-at-Large               Bonnie Whyte


Memorandum of Agreement and Bylaws

As amended April 7, 2014


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